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Interview with Alexandra Catchpole

This podcast interview with Alexandra covers 

- Shamanic Energy Work 
- The Power + Importance of Energy Work
- How to Find the Right Healer
- How to Protect Your Energy as an Empath
- Practical Tools for Listening To Your Intuition

The Chasing Joy Podcast with Georgie Morley

Ep. 95 - Healing, Connecting with Intuition & Shamanic Energy Work with Alexandra Catchpole

Alexandra's Gives Her Top Five Tips For Living

Happy and Healthy

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Energy Waves by Alexandra Catchpole, June 29, 2018

Listen to Alexandra's interview about how she became a

healer, on Nantucket's first Podcast, Inside the Whale.

Please skip to 7:53 for the start of the interview.

Inside The Whale Podcast with Doug Cote

Ep. 53 Alexandra Catchpole, Shamanic Practitioner and Consultant

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