Spirit Animal Retrieval

What's a Spirit Animal?

     A Spirit Animal, also known as a Power Animal, or totem, is a form of a Spirit Guide in animal form that watch over us, similar to a guardian angel. A spirit Animal reflects different parts of your personality. We can learn from them by studying their ways, habits, physical appearances, diets, and overall lifestyle. Sometimes certain Spirit Animals come to help assist you when you are going through different aspects of your life. Then they may leave and be replaced by another. Some we have for the entirity of our lives. They can provide us with protection, and we can learn a lot through the spirit medicine that each of our Spirit Animal brings. When learning to work with your Spirit Animal it's very important to honor and be thankful for them.

How do you find out what mine is?

      To find out what spirit animal you have, Alexandra goes on what is known as a Shamanic Journey to connect to the spirit realms. When she is in the spirit realm, she goes searching to find a Spirit Animal that wants to work with you. Generally they are waiting, excited that you're ready to work with them. When she meets your Spirit Animal she will ask its name, and how best it wants you to work with it. When she has received all of the information that your Spirit Animal wants you to have, she will return to ordinary reality and write down everything that your Spirit Animal told her. Then she will type it in the beautiful PDF pictured below and email it to you. You can print the PDF and put it somewhere special, or keep it in digital format, up to you.

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