If you have purchases a Magic Smudge Spray in the past and would like us to refill your bottle we would be happy to do so, we'll just need you to mail it to us! Once we receive it we'll fill it up and mail it right back to you. We ask that you place your order first and we'll email you over our private address to mail it to. 


Please note this refill price is for mail orders only. 



The Magic Smudge Spray is a powerful clearing spray that removes negativity, heaviness, unwanted energy, and helps to draw in the energy of peace, calm, clarity and love. 


- The artisanal essential oils used are all organic and come from plants around the world that have been sustainably grown or ethically wild-harvested.

- Every bottle has a quartz crystal that has been purified before shipping to you.

- Each bottle had a Reiki Attunement, which means that when you spray this you will be surroudning yourself and your space with universal healing energy.

- Alexandra has performed a shamanic journey and connected with spirit guides who infused energy to the spray that will heal, purify, and provide overall good vibes.

- The water has been blessed with love. 


The Magic Smudge Spray comes in a four ounce glass bottle with a spray top. 



Shake bottle to disperse essential oils. Spray around body, on clothes, in the air, in your house, car, or office. If someone is killin' your vibe, offer them the spray. Good to calm children, relieve stress and anxiety, used after house guests, after dealing with toxic individuals, and to improve your mood.

Warning: Do Not spray directly in eyes, ingest liquid, or spray others without permission. 


INGREDIENTS: Water, Clear Quartz Crystal, organic Lavandula angustifolia essential oil,

organic Salvia officinalis essential oil, organic Juniperus virginiana essential oil, organic Mentha × piperita essential oil, love, magic + reiki attunement.

REFILL - Magic Smudge Spray

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