Cleansing Pine, Citrus, White Sage + Copal Smoke Bundles are crafted with the intention to cleanse and purify the energy and the air of any space or person when burned through the sacred art of smudging. The bundles pictured may not be the exact one you receive as each bundle is unique and may vary in size from 5.5"-7". Each Pine and citrus bundle is handrafted and then rolled in a White Sage and Copal resin powder blend. 



- Cleanses and clears the energy of spaces and people

- Provides enlightenment and connects you to source wisdom

- Purifies the mind and soul

- Removes airborne bacteria

- Protects user from illness

- Creates a sacred space

- Relieves stress and anxiety

- Uplifts the spirit

- Improves focus and concentration

- Heightens connection to the natural world. 


Directions: Hold the stick end of the bundle in one hand and light the pine end on fire (please use all firesafe precautions), blow out the flame to create a sacred smoke from the bundle. If cleansing yourself or a person, start by wafting the smoke from the top of the head around their entire body (front and back), until you get to their feet. If clearing a space go around the perimiter of the room with the smoke, all windows and doors and into any corners. Bundle may need to be relit during smudging. Discard ashes into a firesafe container as it burns down. Thank the spirit of the plants for their healing. 



We use only wildcrafted, organic, or sustainably sourced ingredients.



Pinus strobus, Citrus reticulata, Salvia Apiana, Protium Copal, natural twine.

Cleansing Pine, Citrus, White Sage + Copal Smoke Bundle

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