Energy Signatures

I believe that within all living things and places lives a spirit that holds a unique energy signature that is not bound by space or time, but that exists in the realm of frequency. I believe that each energy signature that makes up each individual spirit can be affected by other energy signatures that it surrounds itself with, which could be created from humans, nature, animals, towns, places, or things.

Our energy signature is created from our souls memories, the boundaries that we surround ourself with, our thoughts and beliefs, the food, products, clothes, and medicine that we put into and on our bodies, the music that we play, the TV that we watch, the location in which we live, the lineage of ancestors that we come from, the air that we breath, how we treat ourselves, how we let others treat us, and how we treat others, the good and bad habits that we foster, the healing work we've done, the life experiences we've had, the interactions with other beings, the name you've been given, the places in which you grew up, your birth date and time, literally every thing that has ever happened to you throughout all of your soul's existence creates your own unique energy signature.

When I work with clients, I help them to harness the highest possible frequency for their unique energy signature. I do this by releasing energetic frequencies that are no longer serving their highest good through deep energetic soul work.

I believe that we all have the power and the gifts to transform our own energy signatures once we make the conscious choice and effort to do so.

I do not believe that certain frequencies are better or worse than other frequencies as I believe that in order for us to exist we must do so in a place of balanced duality.

I believe that we are all capable of changing the way our mind operates but we must first start with addressing ourselves from an energetic perspective versus a physiological or cognitive viewpoint. Once we have mastered the understanding that all things in existence are, at their core, vibration, we can begin to live our life surrounding ourselves with people, places, and things that vibrate at a frequency that matches our own, or helps to raise and lighten our vibrational energy signature.

Why would we wish to raise and lighten our vibration? In doing so we are unconsciously matching our vibration or our energetic signature as close as possible to the energy signature that we may find in what is known as 'God' or 'Goddess', or to the angelic, or divine frequencies. For within the world of knowledge that is commonly known on Earth, we believe that this 'Godlike' frequency can heal all things.

High vibes feel light, and low vibes feel heavy. Would you rather have the weight of the world and a piano on your back, or would you prefer to float through life like a feather on a gentle breeze?

How can you lighten and raise your personal Energy Signature:

- Surround yourself with people, places and things whose vibrations are light and positive

- Meditate

- Spend time in nature

- Connect to animals

- Eat foods that are organic, gmo free, and healthy for you and the planet. If you can grow your own, even better.

- Practice yoga

- Use sacred plants or visualization to clear your auric field after encountering lower/heavier vibrations

-Prayers of Gratitude

- Intentionally drinking water by charging the water with positive thoughts

- Embrace things that make you feel good

- Enjoy healthy sex with yourself or a loved one

- Take care of the planet

- Spend time alone connecting to yourself

- See an energy worker who can help you if you feel like you need some assistance

- Learn how to shield yourself from lower energetic frequencies when you have to deal with them

- Keep plants in your home and office

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