Personalized Mantra

What is a Mantra?

       A mantra is generally known as a word, sound, vibration, or phrase repeated to help you enter a deep state of meditation. When they're spoken or chanted it directs the healing power of life force energy where it needs to go. A mantra can help to deeply alter the subconcious state to raise the vibration of the individual, excel healing, relieve anxiety, alter your subconscious impulses and habits, refocus negativity into positivity, and heal you at a very deep level. 

How does Alexandra get a Mantra just for me?

       In order to receive your customized Mantra, Alexandra goes on a Shamanic Journey and meets with your spirit guides to receive the mantra that is for your highest good. Sometimes it is in the form of words, sometimes in the form of a song, and sometimes in a foreign tongue. Alexandra then brings back the mantra and creates an audio recording of it, and types it into a beautiful PDF, spelling it phonetically, and emails them both to you. 

What kind of reasons should I get a Mantra for?

       You can receive a mantra for anything you like. Whether you're going through a hardship and would like some extra powerful support,  are having trouble focusing, or need to learn to love yourself more, Mantras can help with anything, there is no limit for reasons to use them. 

How will a personalized Mantra help me?

       Even though there are lots of mantras available to the public, ordering your own customized mantra will provide you with the deepest level of healing and assist you in ways that no other ones can. Once you hear your custom mantra you can use it as often as you want, whenever you want, it is yours forever. The healing that it will bring you is made only for you by your spirit guides. They know what you're going through and they know the exact sounds, words, and vibrations that you are looking for to help you right now. Your custom mantra will work with you to help you for your highest good.  

How do I use my custom Mantra once I have it?

       Since you'll be getting an audio recording and a beautiful PDF of your mantra, you can use it in different ways. You can play the recording on repeat and listen to it, you can read the mantra over and over in your mind, you can vocalize the mantra over and over, you can learn to meditate with your mantra, or you can just say it whenever you feel like you need its help. I recommend you memorize your mantra and say it out loud whenever you feel it's needed. Since you'll have  PDF, you can print it and put it in a place where you can always access it.

You'll receive your own audio recording of your customized Mantra.

Mantra Example - Alexandra E. Catchpole
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