Alexandra Catchpole is an empowered woman directed by the divine forces in the universe. She believes that when there is an imbalance within our physical, emotional, or mental self, illness occurs. To heal that illness, one must get to the root of it and allow the healing to take place starting on an energetic level. When she works with clients she helps them to harness the highest possible frequency for their unique energy signature by releasing energetic frequencies that are no longer serving their highest good. She replaces these energies with lighter energetic frequencies through deep soul work to empower her clients to be the best version of themselves possible. She views herself as a spiritual healer + teacher.

Alexandra underwent a Shamanic awakening in 2013 that redirected the course of her life to the service of others through the healing arts. She studied Shamanic Lightworking Empowerment Training in Metaphysics and the Healing Arts under Maya Cointreau in Litchfield County, Connecticut, and continues to further her education in the healing arts, focusing now on energetic plant medicine. 

After visiting Nantucket her entire life, she was called by the Spirit of the Grey Lady in 2016 to close her healing practice in Connecticut and relocate it to the Island. She is honored to offer her services, classes, and events to the year-round and summer community on Nantucket. She has taught at Enchanted Realms, in New Milford, CT, at The Yoga Room Nantucket, at Monarch and Sea Change Healing on Nantucket, Dharma Yoga Nantucket at Bartlett's Farm, and Nantucket Healing Arts. She opened Nantucket Healing Arts Wellness Center in October 2018. 


Alexandra's a little goofy, she loves her cat Rosemary, longs for the day when she has a garden filled with medicinal and edible plants, and often wonders how it is she got into the business of talking to invisible people who have the best advice, aka spirit guides. She is deeply grateful to her teachers in this world and the spirit worlds for everything that they have taught her, and continue to teach her, for the beautiful island she lives on and it's community, for her loved ones, and to the universe for all that it provides. 

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