Envisioning Your FutureAlexandra Catchpole
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Did you know that Planet Earth has a heart? Did you know that you could connect to it to receive healing, love and guidance? The Heart of the Earth was the first medicine that came to planet earth many moons ago. This journey will guide you to her so you can connect to her spirit to help guide you.
This journey is being offered as a remembering for humanity.
I was inspired to create it after a journey I had with her. She helped me in so many ways, so I asked her what I could do to help her. She said that she just wanted me to listen to how she felt, so I did. One of the things that she shared with me was that she thought humanity had forgotten about her, and I understood what she meant. After her sharing this with me I knew that the first thing I could do was to create this video and to educate others, and lead them to connect with her. So please, enjoy.