Nantucket Healing Arts is dedicated to healing, empowering and transforming each individual that walks through our doors. We believe that everyone has the power to heal themselves and we are here to help assist you on your journey in doing so. Nantucket Healing Arts is run by spiritual healer and teacher, Alexandra Catchpole.


Alexandra believes that everything and everyone is made of energy and what when our energetic body becomes imbalanced through a mental, emotional, or physical imbalance, illness occurs. She works with clients to rebalance their energetic systems through spiritual energy work so that they may live a balanced and harmonious life.

Alexandra underwent a spiritual awakening in 2013 that redirected the course of her life to the service of others through the healing arts. She studied Shamanic Lightworking Empowerment Training in Metaphysics and the Healing Arts under Maya Cointreau in Litchfield County, Connecticut, and continues to further her education in the healing arts, focusing now on energetic plant medicine. She is an empowered woman directed by the divine forces in the universe. 


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